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Drain Weasel Wand Set
Drain Weasel Wand Set
Drain Weasel Wand Set
Drain Weasel Wand Set
Drain Weasel Wand Set

Drain Weasel Wand Set

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The Drain Weasel Wand Set can instantly clear hair-clogged drains. The patented micro hook technology allows you to access the drain deeper and more effectively without the need to take anything apart. The ease to use handle and spins 360°. The handle turns the disposable wand and entangles hair and more for quick removal.

It is easy to use and can be used in sink of shower and kitchen. The Drain Weasel has a long wand on the end of it that's filled with tiny bristles that catches and clings hairs to it, and as you spin it, it will unclog and gather any hairs that are down your drain. Clearing the drain at regular intervals keeps plumbing running freely. SAVE MONEY & TIME in the long run by keeping drains clog-free without having to use chemicals and more.

Quickly and Effortlessly Clear Clogged Drains


  • Instantly fixes hair-clogged drains micro hook technology
  • Starter Kit includes one reusable handle and two 18 inch disposable wands
  • Handle spins 360° and entangles clogs for quick removal
  • Wands easily detach from handle after use
  • Slim 1/8" design works in most bathroom sinks, showers, and tubs without disassembling the drain. No dangerous chemical drain cleaners needed


  • Simply slip the end of the device down your drain
  • Twist the handle, and pull out the clog


  • 1 x Drain Weasel Wand Set